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Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Scissor Lifts

Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Scissor Lifts

Electrification is the key trend of 2024, with manufacturers and businesses alike keen to upgrade their fleet to meet the demands of a green construction future.
This may include a switch from diesel Genie scissor lifts to their electric alternatives, and whilst some people are ready to transition now, other people have some questions about the new technology before they fully commit.
With that in mind, here are some common questions about electric scissor lifts and their answers.

Do You Need A Dedicated Charger For Scissor Lifts?

Not necessarily; as with other electric vehicles, a standard 240V socket can be used to charge the scissor lift, and although it may take longer to charge than a dedicated fast-charger, it will finish charging overnight and be ready by the morning.
Given that electric scissor lifts can typically work throughout the day on a single charge under normal working use, this may be more than enough for some companies as long as they do not forget to put them on charge.

Why Are People Making The Switch?

Part of the reason for the transition is undoubtedly the evolution of regulations managing the use of petrol and diesel heavy equipment, both those established by governments and enshrined into law, as well as supporting the policies of clients to promote sustainability and environmentally conscious industry.
However, another part of it is the evolution of electric motors and batteries that allow for machinery that is as powerful as their diesel counterparts, and even offer better stability in rough terrain thanks to the use of independent four-wheel drive.
With this equal power comes an elimination of the downsides of using certain types of machinery. Electric lifts do not give off emissions, making them far safer to use indoors, as well as being far less noisy.
Finally, due to fewer components and no fluids to maintain, maintenance is far easier and can be done more infrequently.